Clay National Honor Society Induction 2016-17

Clay Junior-Senior High School held its National Honor Society Induction on Wednesday, January 11, 2017, in the high school cafetorium. Thirteen new students were inducted into Clay’s National Honor Society.






The new members inducted were Hunnter Adams, daughter of Lori and John Adams of Rubyville; Hunter Armstrong, son of Tom Armstrong and Jill Hauth of Portsmouth; Alicia Bobst, daughter of Wayne and Marianne Bobst of Portsmouth; Grant Cayton, son of Scott and Gretchen Cayton of McDermott; Keith Cottle, son of Marc and Jennifer Cottle of Portsmouth; Bethany Flannery, daughter of Eric and Tammy Flannery of Stout; Grant Hempill, son of Tony and Stacy Hempill of Rubyville; Savannah Moore, daughter of Mark and Tiffany Moore of Portsmouth; Abigail Jo Osborn, Regan Nicole Osborn, and Sydney Erin Osborn, daughters of Brent and Kathy Jo Osborn of Portsmouth; Jacob Wellman, son of David and Tami Wellman of Portsmouth; and Samantha Willis, daughter of Erik and Julie Ratcliff of Portsmouth and David Willis of Hilliard.

The current NHS members included Cole Gilliland, Ava McCleese, and Alaina Stowers.

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Clay HS National Honor Society Tapping 2016

Thirteen Clay High Students were "tapped" to become new members of the Clay High School National Honor Society on Wednesday, December 14, 2016.  These students included Hunnter Adams, Hunter Armstrong, Alicia Bobst, Grant Cayton, Keith Cottle, Bethany Flannery, Grant Hempill, Savannah Moore, Abbie Osborn, Regan Osborn, Sydney Osborn,  Jacob Wellman, and Sami Willis.  The current members include Cole Gilliland, Ava McCleese, and Alaina Stowers. The National Honor Society Induction ceremony will be held on Wednesday, January 11, 2017. [Not pictured: Bethany Flannery & Sami Willis]

Panther Cards - First Nine Weeks 2016-2017

 Panther Card Requirements

Gold Card
 Amelia Balestra, Jonathon Dean, Alliyah Maynard, Allyssa Maynard, Abigail Scott, Andrew Zuefle, Gavin Cayton, Taryn Bussler, Liam Garrison, Jacy Gearheart, Bailey Howard, Preslee Lutz, Andrew Brown, Jaden Jessee, Makenzie Penn, Elias Robson, Noah Wright, Lauren Campbell, Alyssa Piccolo, Sophia Balestra, Lila Brown, Elisa Collins, LaCyra Craig, Cameron DeLotell, Darby Garrett, Delanie Gilliland, Taylor Lewis, Hunter Mathias, Madison Nigh, Tyler Phillips, Shaelyn Vassar, Cassidy Wells, Sarah Widdowson, Hunter Armstrong, Alicia Bobst, Grant Cayton, Keith Cottle, Lane Downey, Bethany Flannery, Ryan Hinch, Jordan Little, Savannah Moore, Abigail Osborn, Regan Osborn, Sydney Osborn, Jacob Wellman, Samantha Willis, Shannon Copeland, Akyah Downey, Cole Gilliland, Grant Hempill, Nate Hinze, Ethan Newton, & Brody Riffe
Blue Card
Preston Jackson, Casey Robinson, Conner Snellgrove, Hailey Arnett, Rajvir Hanjra, Bailey Brooks, Ashley Hurt, Kaeleigh Meade, Gage Moore, Reece Whitley, Chase Hudson, Bradley McCleese, Mason Newton, Lane Downey, McGwire Garrison, Katelyn Hoover, & Jordon Little
White Card
Dalton Jackson, James Marsh, James Prater, Tanner Richards, William Garrison, Garrett Stone, & Dylan Wilson

Clay MS Spelling Bee 2016

The 2016-17 Clay Middle School Spelling Bee was held Thursday, December 8, 2016, at the Clay HS/MS Library. The following sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students represented their classes in the school bee:  

Sixth graders:  Jonathan Dean, Alliyah Maynard, Katelyn Smith, and Andrew Zuefle

Seventh graders:  Gavin Blevins, Liam Garrison, Matt Mogan, and Connor Puckett

Eighth graders:  Andrew Brown, Corvan Clark, James Marsh, and Evan Woods

Clay's 2016-17 Middle School Spelling Bee Champion is Liam Garrison, a seventh grader and son of Kara Copeland and Bill Garrison.  Liam will represent Clay MS in the Scioto County Spelling Bee.  The runner-up, who will act as alternate, is Andrew Brown.  Andrew is an eighth grader and son of Erica and Jason Willis.

2016-17 Clay HS Honor Roll - First Nine Weeks

Clay MS & HS Honor Roll
First Nine Weeks



6th Grade

All A’s - Jonathan Dean, Allyssa Maynard, Tyra Rawlins, Abigail Scott

A Average -  Amelia Balestra, Alliyah Maynard

B Average -  Lilyan Buckler, Darian Carter, Marilyn Colley, Amadea Everman, Katelyn Fyfe, Derrick Hammond, Timothy Lands, Carly Martin, Katelyn Smith, Conner Snellgrove, Robert Stratton, Mallory Swords, Andrew Zuefle

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