Clay NHS Tapping Ceremony, 2021

The Clay High School National Honor Society held its annual "tapping" ceremony on Thursday, December 16, 2021.  The theme of this year's tapping was based on the popular movie Toy Story.  The current NHS members tapped the seven new members during the day, giving each new member gift items related to the movie to remember this special day.  They played music from the movie to signal the tapping of a new member.

Current members include Gavin Cayton, Mitchell King, Preslee Lutz, Kyleigh Oliver, and Kailey Ware

Seven new members will be inducted. They include Owen Atkins-Plumlee, Madison Jackson, Amadea Everman, Allyssa Maynard, Abigail Scott, Mallory Swords, and Adrienne Whitley. 

The NHS induction ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday, January 12, 2022. Mr. Rose and Mrs. Phillips are the Clay High School National Honor Society advisors.

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