Clay High School's Commencement Exercises 2006

The Clay Local School District's Sixty-sixth Commencement Exercises were held on Sunday, May 28, 2006, at 3PM in the Clay High School gymnasium.

Clay High School - Class of 2006

Lauren Burns - Valedictorian
Michael Thacker - Salutatorian
Kalah Haney - Outstanding Vocational Students

Zachary Adkins, *Kimberly Albrecht, Joshua Bowen, *+Lauren Burns, Daniel Clifford, Jennifer Craft, Jessica Craft, *Cameron Donini, Katie Duduit, Drew Fitch, Kyle Fitzer, +Danny Frantz, Heather Haffner, Chris Hamilton, Kalah Haney, Lesley Hiles, David Lunsford, Justin Mayfield, Laci McKinney, Ryan Mosley, Drew Oliver, *Stephen Pelfrey, James Pinson, Josh Porter, +Bethany Prise, *+Ashley Speas, Courtney Spriggs, *+Michael Thacker, Cam Thoroughman, Joey Waldron, Rebekah Watson, Matt Whisman, & Robin Wolfe

* National Honor Society Members
+ Honors Diploma

Scholarships (as of 05/30/06)

Lauren Burns
- Ohio Academic Excellence ($8,820), SSU Academic Excellence ($22,032), Coca-Cola Enterprises ($5,000), JLS Century ($8,000), Avon Foundation ($2,000), & Clay Alumni ($1,000)

Katie Duduit - Presidential Freedom/Marshall Memorial ($1,000), Medical Mutual Insurance ($500), Clay Alumni ($1,000), Clay Employees ($500), & Red Cross ($500)

Danny Frantz - Glockner Community Service ($500) & SSU Freshman ($1,000)

Heather Haffner - Presidential Freedom/USEC ($1,000) & SSU Tuition Waiver ($22,032)

Lesley Hiles - Portsmouth Area Jaycees ($500)

Laci McKinney - SSU Freshman ($500)

Ryan Mosley - SSU Freshman ($500), Spriggs Family ($1,000), Portsmouth Kiwanis ($4,000), & Red Cross ($500)

Drew Oliver - SSU Freshman ($500), Spriggs Family/Scioto County Firefighters ($1,000), Clay Alumni ($1,000), & Red Cross ($500)

Bethany Prise - Mt. Vernon Nazarene Academic Excellence ($12,000), Challenge Grant ($1,550), Opporunity Grant ($3,300), Ohio Choice Grant ($900), & Clay Alumni ($1,000)

Ashley Speas - SSU Freshmen ($500)

Courtney Spriggs - Clay Alumni ($1,000) 

Michael Thacker - SSU Academic Excellence ($22,032)

Cam Thoroughman - WVU Athletic ($140,000)

Rebekah Watson - SSU Freshman ($500) 

Robin Wolfe - SSU Freshman ($500) & McElhaney Honors ($1,500)

Clay graduates have received approximately $262,500 in scholarship money this year.  Over the last five years, Clay graduates have received approximately $1.4 million in scholarship money.


Class Song"  "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd

Class Motto:  "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else."  Judy Garland

Class Flower:  Forget-me-not

Class Colors:  Aqua & Black

This year's commencement speaker was Dr. Craig Miller, a 1996 graduate of Clay High School.

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